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to vary raw resources, as an example by introducing chemical substances or other substances to them, as Component of the creation of items:

They had been knowledgeable that their Kid's participation in the challenge would by no means impact his therapy for the detention Middle or his lawful standing within the adjudication process.

A process extending transversely with the medial floor in the maxilla. Using the corresponding process from the other facet, it kinds the main portion of the really hard palate.

within the process of in the course of, in the course of, inside the midst of They are from the process of drawing up a peace program.

evolution, development - a process where one thing passes by degrees to a unique stage (especially a far more Superior or experienced phase); "the event of his Suggestions took a few years"; "the evolution of Greek civilization"; "the sluggish development of her ability as being a author"

A citizen of the foreign region who seeks to enter America generally need to initially obtain a U.S. visa, that's put in the traveler’s passport, a travel document issued because of the traveler’s country of citizenship.

From Cambridge English Corpus   Subsequently, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are merely the next form of animal existence resulting from the gradual evolutionary process

performing, general performance, Procedure - process or way of performing or running; "the power of its motor establishes its operation"; "the airplane's Procedure in significant winds"; "they compared the cooking efficiency of each and every oven"; "the jet's overall performance conformed to significant standards"

With business payments changing fast, Transcard stands within the forefront of this digital payment revolution.

process They are text generally employed together with process. Click on a collocation to see far more examples of it.

coracoid process a curved process arising from your upper neck on the scapula and overhanging the shoulder joint; called also coracoid.

Our organization was Established on partnerships and we stand Prepared with more than two hundred issuing banks and technological innovation vendors.

refine - treat or prepare so as to put inside a usable issue; "refine paper inventory"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

Production process management, a group of technologies and strategies indian visa accustomed to outline how products are to be made.

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